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Hot Coals for Thurs

NHL realignment by your favorite blog (0:49) was picked up, along with ESPN and the L.A. Times by Newsy. Which makes me think I should pay a whole lot more attention to my grammar.

Former Flame Theoren Fleury speaks out against child abuse (Calgary Herald)

Brendan Morrison and T.J. Brodie will be at North Hill Centre on Friday Dec 9th from 2:30 to 3:30 doing a celebrity gift wrap for Cystic Fibrois. Consider stopping by to support this worthy cause. Congratulate Bmo on his 4 point night and welcome T.J. to the big club, kid isn't going down again. (Canadian News Wire)

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Interested in a update on Sidney Crosby? - Not a bad discussion and update here courtesy of

Little caveat here - I am not personally a huge fan of Flames T.V. but they do get direct access to the horse's mouth. Access that we have a harder time getting. In light of our recent blogger gate comments from Jay Feaster in his underwear (What? You don't know if he was wearing pants in that interview).

Anyway, some direct interviews here for your daily info. All part of an attempt to fortify M&G's rep.

These direct responses from the team can allow you to draw your own conclusions, although the soft ball and leading friendly questions are not exactly ideal from a sport journalism perspective. I'll filter out hopefully the most fluffy ones and only post ones with hopefully some legitimate content.

Clint Malarchuk (Flames Goaltending Coach) on Karlsson's injury and Leland Irving

Brent Sutter on Irving and the goaltending schedule

6 Flames prospects are in the hunt for World Junior Spots (The Hockey Writers)