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Game 27 Preview: My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?

Hurricanes vs Flames coverage

Canes Country

An oedipal struggle for the ages. Father (Brent Sutter) struggling with coaching a failing team against his young up and coming son (Brandon Sutter). Who is also on a failing team (though that is neither here nor there).

Okay, so this game may be less than the grand Greek tragedy that I am framing it as, however this is an important game for the Calgary Flames.

With Jarmoe and company currently six points out of a playoff spot, a win tonight would bring them within sneezing distance. Just as importantly, a loss for the Tropical Depressions would keep them in the race for Fail for Nail.

Is that what the Calgary Flames need though? With Mark Giordano likely out for the season (a subject we'll have more content on later this week, courtesy of a REAL LIFE DOCTOR), do the Flames really stand a chance to make the playoffs?

It's hard to definitely determine, but a strong sound convincing win tonight, a win that is everything the Vancouver game wasn't, would certainly help show that the Flames are not among the absolute worst teams in the league, and as Anaheim proved a season ago, sometimes that's all it takes to become a playoff team.

And don't forget, random reference about conference realignment! #metawriting

Lines and Pairings

The lines are certainly...interesting tonight.

Morrison- Jokinen- Iginla

Tanguay- Stajan- Bourque

Comeau- Backlund- Stempniak

Kostopoulus- Horak- Jackman

The defensive pairings are par for the course.

Bouwmeester- Butler

Brodie- Hannan

Smith- Piskula

Kipper's in net.

Irving's backing up Kipper.