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Flames Trivia Game? Yes Please.

My buddy Ryan Murphy is a big Flames fan. He's also pretty good with coding. Thus, he's helped to create an iPhone game for us plebs.

500 questions, a little competition, and our favourite sports team. Pretty awesome all around, right? There's some easy questions, and then there's some not so easy ones. (For example: who was the first pick ever for the Flames?) There's 4 different modes and you can play a friend via Bluetooth connection.

It's 99 cents on the App store and I think you should grab it. Ryan's also given me a few free codes to distribute. If you take one, leave a comment.






Disclosure: Ryan asked me to evaluate the app for him. I was given a free copy of the app. I said I'd put up a little story here. This is a personal promotion-meaning that I liked the app, thus I'm talking about it.