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Upset Oiler Employee Sound-Bombs Sutter's Interview After Flames Win

The fabled Battle of Alberta goes back to the founding of the province, it predates NHL hockey in Alberta by decades.

It has ebbed to historical lows on-ice with the Flames total dominance over the last several years. I burst out laughing last night in Brent Sutter's usual post-game interview after the win because I was reminded that fans drive this rivalry as much as the teams do.

My take on this beeping interview after the jump.

About 30 seconds in a frustrated Oiler employee or someone in the tunnel at Rexall started sound-bombing Sutter's interview.

The post-game interview in the hall is usually a moment of silence for the media to do its job. Usually those present make an effort to be quiet but not in Edmonton last night. The janitor, stick boy, Darryl Katz, whoever was seriously upset over the Flames manhandling of the Oilers 5-3.

Smashing around stuff at the 30 second mark, then getting into a fork-lift or something at the 1:20 mark, putting it into reverse so the back-up beeper continually sounded off all through Sutter's interview.

They backed up closer and closer to the interview spot, as the sound got louder and louder, so Sutter could barely hear the media's questions by the end.

I had tears of laughter welling up in my eyes by the end.

Maybe the giddiness of a rare win influenced me. As a Flames fan this was almost better than the win because winning has become routine with Edmonton.

It may be the final sweet moments of two teams going in opposite directions but as it sits now the frustration that has built up in Oiler fans is something to savor while it lasts...

At least that is how I took the event, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...