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The 2nd Annual Saddlesphere Christmas Blogger Meetup!


The Author, at home via

When: Friday, December 23rd. The Game's not till 8, but I'll be there around 630 because I will likely be bored with my life. Thus, I may already be drunk when you get there and in that case the onus is on you to take care of me.

Where: Shanks North. I understand it may be a bit of a journey for many of you, but the famous Pat Steinberg is working there and we couldn't leave my boy.

What: Drinking, eating, joking, conspiring, making fun of me, etc.

Who: Some of the most famousest bloggers out there and stuff. But mostly you're coming because you want to see me.

Why: Because it's Christmas, we like to drink and we love our friends.

If you want more deets, walkinvisible over at hit the post lays it out even further.

Hope to see you there.