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Cory Sarich Wants Out

Rhett Warrener has reported that Cory Sarich requested a trade out of Calgary.

Speechless. Then confusion. Followed by bewilderment. Bouts of furious laughter. Feelings of intense anger... and finally, a weird sensation of acceptance and pity.

I understand why he wants out as he's been a healthy scratch for the majority of recent games. The man wants to play and he's signed to a contract that should mean he plays plentiful minutes every night. That's just not the reality though. Sarich no longer brings anything of any value to the club. His contract has been a burden for years and is more than likely immovable. Cory probably feels like he can still play important minutes on an NHL team, and here's where the pity kicks in; because he can't. I mean, sure, you can throw him out there and he'll play - but he'll take asinine penalties, give up odd-man rushes by taking himself completely out of the play in futile attempts at big hits and turn the puck over at a rate that would make even Anders Eriksson and Andrei Zyuzin shake their heads.

Another "Sutter guy" who'll be gone by the wayside, hopefully post-haste... and, hopefully trendsetting.