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Game 24 Recap: Thar She Blows, Part Two

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Ten Thoughts

-Rene Bourque? Good Game? I don't believe it. But, indeed, he was +4 in ES scoring chances, +7 in Corsi and had that goal in the 3rd.

-Olli Jokinen and Curtis Glencross had a pretty rough go of it last night. Matched up against Nash and Carter, they finished underwater in both ES scoring chances and Corsi.

-However, part time linemate Jarome Iginla killed it again for the third straight night. He was +5 in ES scoring chances and +2 in Corsi to go along with some strong play on the half walls.

-Miikka Kiprusoff had a pretty good game going until he let that 2nd goal in. I thought he should have stopped it, but one bad goal on 33 shots is forgivable.

-I really don't know what happened in the last 5 minutes that led to a tie. Just a super confusing sequence of events.

-Sutter chose the right shooters for the shoot out. We all know how good Alex Tanguay was last year, and Bourque shot 5/12 a season ago so I find it hard to argue with either of those.

-In what has become an absurdly frequent refrain, the power play sucked last night. 2 minutes of PP time in which the Flames entered the zone exactly twice. They weren't able to muster even one shot. Dave Lowry really needs to change his approach, because whatever he's doing isn't working.

-Mikael Backlund is having a great season. Please, for the love of god, do not take his poor counting numbers as the primary indicator of his performance.

-Cory Sarich was completely terrible. But you already knew that.

-This was a game where the Flames put out a lot of effort and, for the most part, outplayed the Jackets. I take umbrage with anyone saying they deserved to win, however-they didn't. A PP that doesn't generate a shot against the worst team in the league and an inexcusable defensive breakdown leading to the tying goal are both glaring examples of why this team just isn't destined for...well, anything, really.

Reverse Three Stars

1. Cory Sarich-Don't even need to go into this, do I?
2. Cory Sarich-Holy god this guy sucks.
3. Cory Sarich-Please get off my hockey team kthxbai.


A game with a lot of good individual performances but team lapses in judgement screwed them. The Flames' next game is Saturday against Edmonton.