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Hot Coals for Thurs

An irrelevant Flames link to start your day. Does anything whisper Canada more than this. Untouched ice, hockey, mountains, the clicking of sticks on ice and a little French for good measure.


Windy Arm, Yukon (via gababitibi)

Flames links after the jump

  • Former Flame Theoren Fleury is in a public dust up with Montreal Gazette writer Pat Hickey who has taken a rather despicable position. Gazette
  • All this Penn State themed sports and child abuse is extremely uncomfortable to read about but opening your eyes to it is better than being an ostrich with your head in the sand. Our sister Canadiens blog has dived in on it in defense of Theo. (SB Nation - Eyes on the Prize)
  • Derek Smith is another one of those bright spots on the Flames who isn't getting enough credit this year. Signing as a free agent he cost the Flames nothing, was on no one's radar and quietly worked himself into the line-up and low and behold he has worked out very well.
  • The Darryl Sutter as coach of the Kings rumors have gotten to the point now where the official announcement is expected any moment, probably right after I post Hot Coals. (Fox Sports)
When I first heard this rumor it made sense to me although it appeared a lot of folks were coming unhinged. Darryl Sutter is not being hired as GM, he is being hired as coach. His coaching record is actually decent. Improvement season over season in San Jose, the current make-up of the Kings suits him far more than say the Capitals would.

It really isn't that shocking. Former players have spoken highly of D Sutter as a coach.

  • Jarome Iginla covers these points in his interview as well as making a few comments about an under appreciated Jay Bouwmeester this season.