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Wednesday's Hot Coals

Just look at all the faces in this picture. Amazing.
Just look at all the faces in this picture. Amazing.

First a few thoughts about last night's abortion of a game. Seriously...what a horrible game to watch. Even worse then usual with these two teams.

-The PP is now 2 for 34 at home. That's basically the equivlant of throwing up on a table in public. Just disgustingly terrible.

-In the history of the league, how many 40+ save shutouts have occured? Gotta be a pretty small number, huh?

-Holy God. I, like Bart Scott, cannot wait until Anton Babchuk is demoted/bought out/traded. (Edit: well, turns out he's hurt. Imagine me softly saying "yay he's not on the ice".)

-That was the best game I've ever seen from Jay Bouwmeester. +7 at ES(!) in scoring chances, +15(!!) in Corsi and a couple of really good and physical defensive plays (!!!). Those games are the reason he got so much in July of 09.

-Can we all just take a moment and laugh about how Wild fans get so worked up about everything? There was even a trending topic on twitter regarding "#refcallsincalgary". I just imagine all of them screaming "OMG BIAS!!!11!" at their screen. It was a headbutt. Shut up.

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I Got You a Song

We Are Augustines-Headlong Into The Abyss.

(via xChAuZ on YouTube)

Enjoy your evening!

p.s. we may do a podcast tonight. Tease!