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Game 21: Flames at Blues

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Tonight would be a great night for a recent acquisition to go out and write a narrative about how his previous struggles were behind him. Oh, the Flames have someone who could do that? Who know?

Blake Comeau is dressing for Calgary tonight, and given he has zero points this year (and a horrendous PDO which explains that lack of points) I fully expect at least two assists. He'll likely end up on the second/third line (can anyone actually tell the difference?) with the 'Aks, but could see time with Jokinen et al.

So how much of a difference can we expect from the new number ten? While he is absolutely an upgrade over Byron right now and fits in a scoring line position better than Stajan, Kostopolous, Jackman, and PL3, he's also not going to transform the team. At the end of the day, he's a regular third liner for the Flames, albeit one who's young and is due for a correction to the mean with regards to his counting stats.

Don't take that for me saying picking him up was a poor choice- it most assuredly wasn't. In fact, it was a very smart decision by HOPs, and the sort we should hope for more of. Comeau might not be a game-changer, but he's a decent enough player that we acquired for nothing. I'm not gonna complain.

On the other side of the ice, the Blues are also enjoying the stats even out, with their scoring finally matching their possession stats. At ninth in the Western Conference, the team's right in the thick of things, and is absolutely a challenge for the good guys. It'll be an interesting game if nothing else, so GO FLAMES GO.