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Latest Dive: Lucic/Miller Aftermath

After Milan Lucic took matters into his own hands and went after Ryan Miller, whether he meant to or not, the hockey world has been bantering back and forth.  Whether he was in the right or wrong, people are taking sides.  Lucic insists that he didn’t see Miller until the last second, and braced for impact.  Miller and the Sabres insist that there is an ‘open season’ on goalies.  

After the hit, and non-suspension, the ripples throughout the NHL.  Teams are reacting as we speak.  Some teams have reached out to some specialists in conflict management, while others have kept plans within their respective organizations.  Here are their upcoming plans.


Columbus Blue Jackets:  There isn’t any real deterrent to Lucic, but they’re trying to encourage contact to get a goalie more capable than Steve Mason in net.

Edmonton Oilers:  Khabibulin wasn’t actually drunk when arrested for the DUI last year.  He was actually sent back from this year to train in prison fights. *dundundundunDUNDUN dundundundunDUNDUN *

Montreal CanadiensCarey Price will change his mask every game to try and confuse Milan.

Tampa Bay Lightning:  The Lightning will STILL employ the 1-3-1, hoping that Boston will sit back in its zone too.

Vancouver Canucks:  As Lucic came 10 feet into the zone, Roberto will flail and then be diagnosed with vertigo.  Its not that far off, is it?

Ottawa Senators:  They employ goalies?

Calgary Flames:  No, it’s not just a way to celebrate… Karlsson has been playing Mortal Kombat and practicing Johnny Cage’s ballbuster move to defend himself.  And Kipper's taken on Vokoun.  We should be okay.

Philadelphia Flyers: As they prepare to face the Bruins, Flyer management will ask Boston to don Winnipeg uniforms so that everything will go right by Bryzgalov.

Florida Panthers:  Will recall Rocco Grimaldi to call on powers above to prevent any contact between #17 and their goaltender.

New York Islanders:  DiPietro will hurt himself as he goes to tap his posts before the national anthem.

Chicago Blackhawks:  Nothing funny about this one.  Emery won’t take ANYTHING.  He’ll throw down with ANYONE.

Winnipeg JetsOndrej Pavelec will be using his ‘play dead’ technique from last year.