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Game 17 Recap: Please Stop the Bleeding

-The PP is absolutely repugnant. It has no redeeming qualities.

-The only goal tonight for the Flames wasn't actually scored by the Flames.

-The team has not been fun to watch. I'd be fine with that if they won THEIR DAMN GAMES.

-39 shots. 39 FUCKING SHOTS!


I really have nothing else tonight. I just cannot adhere anything overwhelmingly positive to anything remotely related to this team any longer. Bottom line? They need to start winning or HOPS needs to nut the fuck up and make some changes quickly. I'm not going to stop watching the games, but if I'm gonna see inconsistent efforts and losses I would rather see them from the kids then the veterans, of which exactly 3 are earning their pay right now.

Actually, no. I got one more thing: the Flames really should've traded for Ryan Smyth.