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Another One Bites the Dust

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Another chapter in the book of the infamous Dion Phaneuf trade has been written as the Calgary Flames have rid themselves of yet another disappointment.

Hagman was plucked by the Anaheim Ducks on re-entry waivers Monday morning, seemingly to the praises of the Flames faithful.

The move saves the Flames just under $1.5 million in cap space for the rest of this season and as noted by @RossCreekNation on twitter, it saves the ownership a little cash as the cap space is not exactly needed this year.

It also frees up another contract space for the Flames to use to sign Krys Kolanos or perhaps another unsigned prospect.

In my opinion, Hagman was misused in his entire time in Calgary. Just take a look back at his track record with Dallas and then Toronto... when used efficiently, he produced. He was never going to score 27 goals in Calgary, but if he was accepted as a 15-goal scorer that was acquired in a terrible, desperation trade, he would have been more widely accepted.

All in all, he wasn't a good fit in Calgary.

But, again, getting nothing for an asset with value (and footing half the bill to boot) continues to add to my disappointment of Jay Feaster. Many will think just getting rid of Hagman, the contract and cap space is enough, I disagree with that notion and when Niklas Hagman proves worthy of decent NHL minutes while in Anaheim, I believe we'll all look back at this day and wonder why Feaster wasn't able to muster up anything for the frustrated Flame.