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Calgary Flames Prospects NHL Equivalencies: November Edition (Hey Arnold!)

With more than a month of hockey under our belts, it's time to turn to the prospects of the Calgary Flames and see how they might be faring in their various leagues.

The columns contain basic info like team and league, as well as the equivalencies. The first three NHLE entries are the straight numbers--not prorated at all. In other words, if the 13 games Sven Bartschi is listed as playing were in the NHL, how many points he would score? The column "NHLE SEASON" is prorated for 82 games, a full NHL season. The final column is the difference between this .

My comments and thoughts after the table. (As a quick note, the equivalencies I used are as follows (from BehindtheNet): SM-Liiga 0.65, CHL 0.30, AHL 0.65, H-East 0.41; Gaudreau's equivalency for his season in the USHL last year is 0.27)


 (click to enlarge- sorted by prorated NHLE)

A couple notes about who's on here and who isn't:

  • I left off all defensemen besides Brodie (who's theoretically an offensive defensemen), but rest assured, the counting stats are entirely pedestrian in what should be a dominant year- especially for Leach.
  • Howse is left off because he's been a healthy scratch nine out of fifteen games and has no points in the six he's played
  • I included Wahl, despite him being pointless as well as he put up a terrific pace in the ECHL (5 GP; 5-2-7). Plus, the guy's a former Kris Chucko Trophy winner. Respect.
  • Nearly left Bouma off, since I don't see him as much of a prospect anymore, but rather someone who's hitting his ceiling as a AHL/NHL callup guy. I'll give him one more season though.

And now notes on the actual stats above:

  • SVEN. Wow. He's on pace for a better theoretical season than every Calgary player except Alex Tanguay. After I wrote that post comparing him to Dan Quinn, I expected his scoring to cool off, but it's only improved: he's now on pace for 150ish points (given 66 games played, what he played last season). Jesus. What a player.
  • While SVEN might be 9th in WHL scoring, he's on a much hotter pace than anyone else. MUCH hotter.
  • Bill Arnold is similarly having a terrific year. Better than a point per game is nothing to sneeze at in the NCAA.
  • What the hell happened to THE MAXWELL DEMON? I'm starting to suspect his play last year was boosted by shooting percentage. A player in their last year of junior should be dominant- Reinhart is starting to look "Eh." I'm not saying he needs to be ast SVEN level, but he should be putting up more points against WHL competition than what he currently is. A mild improvement in his last year of junior is virtually no improvement at all.
  • To put that into perspective, John Gaudreau, hockey's version of the greatest backetball player of all time, is outscoring him in equivalencies.
  • I haven't always been a huge Nemisz fan, but I like the improvement he's showing. I don't see top line potential there, but decent second liner is easily within reach.
  • Biggest improvement besides SVEN is definitely Ferland, who's been lights out this season and showing all the improvement Reinhart was expected to. I'm not complaining.
  • Holland's showing expected improved, but it doesn't look like he'll be anything more than maybe a Yelle type player if he makes the NHL. Not necessarily a bad thing though.