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Wednesday's Hot Coals

I'm finding it hard to be angry about anything hockey-related lately. When Feaster does do something stupid, though, I'm liable to have my biggest fit yet. Just warning you.

Justin: the Flames haven't had a good number 4 defenseman since Dion Phaneuf left.
Person X: Ian White?
Justin: In retrospect, White was a very suspect player the way he was used.
Person X: Chris Butler's underlying stats aren't terrible...
Justin: Butler's presence has relegated Jay Bouwmeester to second pairing duty and yet Butler still makes many critical errors.
Person X: You suck.


-Let's all take a moment and laugh at how anything that Eric Francis writes is utterly moronic and asinine. [Calgary Sun]

-I wonder too, Canadian Press. [CBC]

-I was going to go see the Winterhawks play the Hitmen, but I can't really be bothered with SVEN out. Fucking midterms. [Calgary Herald]

-Groan. Kerry Fraser right? Fine. [TSN]

-My god. This is absolutely horrific. [Puck Daddy]

-Your Moment of Zen. [imgur]

I Got You A Song

(via CornershopHQ on YouTube)

Have a great day, everyone.