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The Great Name a Flames Dog Nomination Thread

I alluded to this about a month ago in a game thread, but since I've finally got a time-line for getting a dog, I figured I better start getting a name for it. Here's how it's going to work:

1. Pick a name of a Flames player (past, present, or future; Atlanta or Calgary) or executive. It could be an all time great (Lanny is already a nomination from Chemmy at PPP) or a player who's practically infamous for his time with the Flames (Olli Jokinen anyone?). It can be clever (I'd love to do Rene Bark, but that'd be ripping off Chemmy's Wendel Bark) or straightforward.

2. Decide why this player's name is befitting that of a dog. Argue for it. I'm picking 3 names in addition to Lanny which I will then put in a poll, letting all of you vote.

3. Get brutal. If you think Vernon is the worst name for a dog ever, let the person who suggested it know. THIS IS HOCKEY.

4. Comments will close in 3 days. When they close the voting thread will go up. Argue for the various names that made it to the voting, get in fights, and so on.

Finally, some last bits of information: I'll be getting either a pug, a hound mix, an English bulldog, or a lab (all breeds I'm comfortable with and which would make for great hockey watching friends); the dog will likely be on the younger side and will be male; when the dog name is picked and I've got him in my home, you are required to say "Awwwwwwwww" when I post pictures of him.

Questions? Feel free to email me or post 'em below. Now, much like the racing hotdogs above- start the competition!