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So, there's that...

I'm headed to Flames Nation as a regular contributor as of this week, so I just wanted to drop back in to offer a few words of thanks before I bugger off.


First, thanks to Kent and Hayley for offering me the opportunity to contribute here. Without the platform they presented me, the chance to head to FN doesn't happen, because I'm entirely too lazy to have started a blog of my own ;-) Seriously, both of them were excellent to me all season, and I appreciate it. 

As well, thanks to the other editors, R O and maimster, our Scandinavian friend shep_, and all of you that took the time to be regular or irregular commenters. I definitely enjoyed the discussion around these parts, and I hope to continue to be a part of it as a semi-regular in comments. 

Again, thanks to all for your time and your willingness as an audience to indulge me. I won't be a stranger around here, and if you're so inclined, you're certainly welcome to drop by the new digs to see what Mr. Wilson and the rest of us are up to.