Flames Fans #8 on List of Most Stubborn in Sports

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"Hockey fans are always committed, but in Calgary, without any other major sports, the Flames are like an only child.

There have only been a couple of A's disguised among a number of C's, D's and F's over the last 20 years, but the fans still dote on their team regardless. The report card again shows a fail for 2010, but for the fifth straight year, the Saddledome was packed to 100% capacity.

Flames fans should raise their standards a little before piling into an arena to see Jarome Iginla continuously carry the team by himself."

Aside from the fact that whoever wrote this excerpt doesn't consider the CFL a "major sport", they clearly aren't familiar with the late nineties in Flames history. I wouldn't exactly say that fans in Calgary continued to "dote on their team" during that time period when attendance was so low that ownership had to threaten to move the team in order to raise season ticket sales. As walkinvisible points out in the comments section of the article, the Flames may claim to sell out every game, but there are still empty seats during less "interesting" games.

And aren't our raised standards what led to higher expectations amongst the fan base, despite largely so-so results, in the first place? Not to mention that, depending on who you talk to, Jarome hasn't exactly carried the team of late.

The Habs and Leafs fans round out the NHL presence on this list, coming in at #6 and #2 respectively.

Agree or disagree? What say you?

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