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Help Beat Canucks Fans at Something for a Good Cause


The other night I received an email informing me of the charitable efforts of Justin Long (not the actor from the Mac commercials, as I originally thought, but an American skier and student residing in Vancouver) and the Snow4Innocents Expedition. The goal of s4i is to raise $100,000 to fund the completion of Holy Innocents Children's Hospital in Uganda, the only hospital dedicated to treating children in the country, and Justin plans to climb Mount Stanley, a 16,000 foot mountain that straddles the dangerous border region between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and ski down it in a three-week trek beginning in June. Another goal of the expedition is to raise awareness of the 13,000 Ugandan children that die of preventable and treatable diseases like Malaria, Dysentery, and Tuberculosis, for whom Holy Innocents is the only solution.

The money raised will go towards building an intensive care unit, a surgical unit, and adding two-hundred new beds to the hospital. Justin has funded the expedition using his own means, and all money donated via Pay Pal will be deposited directly to a San Diego-based organization that facilitates funding for the hospital; all donations will also be tax deductable. 

People have began suggesting things that Justin should do when he reaches Mt. Stanley's summit, and one of the ideas is to plant a Canucks flag at the peak. Naturally, Flames fans couldn't let the idea of our rival's logo flying proudly at the top of the world for all to see go uncontested, and it wasn't long before 'plant a Flames flag at the peak' came to fruition. So far, there have been 53 votes for the Canucks flag idea and only a paltry 13 for the Flames flag, so let's get on it! You can vote here if you hope see the Flaming C billowing in the the African breeze, a symbol of a mission accomplished to be forever associated with the generous and charitable efforts of many. After all, who doesn't enjoy beating Canucks fans at something, especially for a good cause? 

You can also donate to Holy Innocents Children's Hospital here

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Happy May Long/Memorial Day weekend everyone!