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Your 2009-10 Calgary Flames - In Verse

Hayley was kind enough to get the post game thread up and running to allow for continued venting on the year that was (and is still, to a bitter end).  There didn't seem to be much point in specifically discussing last night's game, other than I have no idea how Daniel Sedin didn't score with a minute left to deny the Avs any points.  Oh, wrong game.  Never mind, I have even less thoughts on the Sharks-Flames tilt.

So, instead, I wanted to get a jump on the season review.  Well, not a jump, really just a small step.  We here at M&G love us some haiku (well, non-traditional haiku anyway).  So I took an attempt at summarizing the roster, one player at a time.  Enjoy...


Ian White, restricted,

Hope to sign for 2-3 Mil.

But must purge Staios


Jay-Bo is a rock

Unfortunately the rock

rarely rolls up ice.


Everyone loves Gio

Cheap, great offense, solid hits

Next year sure top four.


Sarich is OK

But paid top four, plays as six?

Time for him to go.


Steve Staios, great guy?

Could be, but he kills cap and

on the ice he's bad.


Reggie still my fave

Has top four smarts and mean streak

But fear end is near.


Pardy in press box.

But as youth with small contract,

Should be on the ice.


Iggy, breaks my heart.

Still beloved, and rightly so,

Please rebound next year!


Matt Stajan, ex Leaf

Now long term Flame, holy hell

Please score us some goals.


When Hagman was Star,

I always wanted him here.

Will they take him back?


Poor Daymond Langkow,

"#1 Center"? Don't care,

Proved worth while absent.


Ales Kotalik still

in org. for two more years.  Oops!

New star for the Heat!


A new big contract,

for Bork Bork Bork? That's OK,

He's this year's best Flame.


Jamal Mayers best

ex-Leaf forward post trade? Yikes!

Still glad Phaneuf's gone!!


Old Man Craig Conroy,

Retiring to TV booth?

If so, he'll be missed.


The Mosster was not

as scary to foes this year,

Must bounce back next year.


PocketDawes is one

Flame who showed value this year.

Keep him on the team.


When he wasn't hurt,

Curtis Glencross played hard and showed

great breakaway skills.


Flame fans love Mickis,

he's young, cheap and improving.

Rare asset for Flames.


The great Kipper can

only mumble these four words:

"Score a bleeping goal!"


Eric Nystrom has

found a place on fourth line and

down a man.  Keep him!


Vesa Toskala,

Sure he's a friend to Kipper,

but he's bad goalie.


Chris Higgins showed he

has value, although few goals.

I'd like him brought back.


Brett Sutter is just

one of the Sutter clan that

Needs to leave Flames org.