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Playoffs!!1: Opening Night Preview & Open Thread


Because you need a place to mock the Canucks and their fans even after the cessation of the regular season. 


There's nothing quite like the Stanley Cup playoffs. The magic of hockey's second season can rarely be described with words, but is more appropriately summed up by images of battle-scarred, bearded men, rookies and veterans, banded together in pursuit of a single goal. While the fact that the Flames aren't in the playoffs is certainly disappointing, it also allows us to sit back without a care in the world and enjoy some post-season hockey, unless you have another rooting interest of the same calibre as the Flames. For me, it's whoever is playing Vancouver and the players on my fantasy team. 

Here's what's on the docket for opening night:


(4)Pittsburgh vs. (5)Ottawa (5PM MT, 7ET) 

(1)San Jose vs. (8)Colorado (8:30MT, 10:30ET)


TSN (PHX vs. DET will also be broadcast on the Fan 960):

(2)New Jersey vs. (7)Philadelphia (5:30PM MT, 7:30ET)

(4)Phoenix vs. (5)Detroit (8PM MT, 10PM ET) 

Enjoy the games and let the trash talk flow freely in the comments.