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Flames vs. Canucks Game Thread

GM Place
Opposition: Nucks Misconduct
The Flames' season of disappointment and unrest concludes this evening against the same foe that opened their schedule just over six months ago. That night was filled with hopes for a bright season, most of which were unfulfilled. Over the next few weeks, there will be plenty of discussion here and elsewhere about the hows and whys of it all, and I have a few things in the hopper that are in that vein.
Tonight, though, is not that time, at least for me. Instead, I'd like to take this opportunity to offer my personal thanks to those of you that make up our little community. None of what we do around here really works unless the commentariat is at least somewhat engaged, and those of you that frequent this place are certainly engaged. Honestly, it's easy to hang around when a team is really good, and just about as easy (as the Oilogisphere proves every day) to pick over a rotting corpse. For those of us watching a team in the mushy middle, it often seems simpler to quit caring quite as much, especially when the inspiration provided by the action on-ice was lacking on so many nights.
Game time is 8 MT on CBC. Irrespective of whatever level of disappointment with the year's results you might be feeling today, it's still the last chance to watch our team this season, for better or worse. Enjoy the game, and thanks again for dropping by and for all of your comments this year.