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A Case of the Mondays: Now What?

I've decided to make this a weekly feature because, well, Mondays suck. Even if you're not a student or an employee working five days a week, 9-5, they blow; biggest buzz-kill of the week by far. Ergo, the goal of this feature is to provide some reprieve from these humdrum days by offering up a look at the day's news and the week ahead. The only thing it doesn't do is make Friday get here sooner. 

Here we are again. After a 5-3 victory over the Capitals yesterday, the Flames once again find themselves hovering somewhere in between "it's possible" and "it ain't gonna happen," with most of us still leaning towards the latter; and for good reason. As it stands, the Avs still have a 96.4% shot at the post season, while the Flames' chances sit at a meager 4.7%. With six games left in the season and the Flames off until Wednesday, the question begs to be asked--now what? Do we start with the eulogies, begin hypothesizing the many plausible off-season moves needing to be made, debating the merits of various candidates for Darryl Sutter's job? Or do we simply I think we can all agree that while the latter seems ideal, it's far from reality. As much as there is a sense of apathy around these parts lately, it is equaled by one of anxious impatience. There are few feelings more unbearable than waiting for the inevitable--in this case--the Flames' mathematical elimination from the playoff race. With that in mind, I present to you a selection of today's news and a look at the week ahead in hopes that it might help pass the time, if only slightly. 

This past Saturday's edition of the Hotstove Lounge on CBC received a lot of attention from Calgary fans due to the HNIC crew's segment on the Flames and possible candidates for the positions of team president and general manager--both of whom are presently rumoured to be on the proverbial chopping block. The names mentioned--Steve Yzerman and Bob Nicholson--are what got people talking, despite Scott Morrison saying it was likely just 'wishful thinking.' 

The first rumours of an Ian White contract are surfacing--leading to speculation that Darryl is here to stay--at least for now [The Hockey News

In other Ian White news, the story behind his famous facial hair has finally been revealed [Flames TV

TLP offers his take on why the Flames are the NHL's most disappointing team [Puck Daddy]

Eric Francis sums up the decision at hand for the Flames [Calgary Sun]:

Ownership will now have to decide if they think Darryl Sutter is the best man to take the risks necessary to right their sinking ship, or if the biggest risk is keeping him around any longer.

His take on the Flames' futures, however, indicates that he hasn't been paying close attention to the junior leagues this season: 

No other picks have showed much promise, proving once again Sutter’s scouting staff needs to be gutted.

YouTube sensation Jim Playfair has been fined an undisclosed amount for his stick-breaking-jacket-removing tantrum on the Heat bench during Saturday night's 4-0 loss to the Hamilton Bulldogs.  Further commentary on the incident and more at Hit The Post

Return of the Jets? A return to Winnipeg could be in the cards for the Coyotes if a deal with potential buyers Ice Edge Holdings or Jerry Reinsdorf doesn't work out. The Winnipeg Free Press, however, claims that the possible return of NHL hockey to Manitoba's capital is "Plan C at best" and "is likely to be a non-story in a couple of days" (via James Mirtle

An update on the Playoff Death Watch reveals that the Red Wings have a 30% shot at finishing either fifth or sixth in the West. That sound you just heard was Sharks fans breathing a sigh of relief. 

The Avs found themselves on the other side of the bounces for once in last night's loss to the Sharks.

The Norris debate has begun--and to nobody's surprise, Mike Green is right in the middle of it [Puck Daddy]. Duncan Keith is also in contention, but that will do little to ease the minds of Blackhawks fans. 

The Leafs and Sens have been busy in the college free agent market today (PPP and Crash The Crease

Finally, the Hitmen have rallied from a 3-1 series deficit against the Moose Jaw Warriors, and Game 7 goes tonight at the 'Dome (7PM, FAN 960 & Shaw TV Ch. 10--Thanks to commenter CofRed for pointing that out) Go Hitmen! 

As I finish typing this, the once beautiful weather has turned grey and overcast. Typical Monday. 

As always, lament the prospects of a long week ahead and add your thoughts in the comments.