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CGY/BOS Post-game: Free Pay-Per-View

H2H Ice 



Flames lose another

Free pay-per-view at FC

Beer makes it better. 

There isn't a whole lot to say about today's game.  A five-goal, shut-out loss to the worst offensive club in the league doesn't require much explanation, and at this point, I'm sure the team's problems on the ice don't need to be reiterated. Anyone who ordered this game on PPV deserves their money back, although I doubt many people were tuning in to get screwed over one last time by shelling out fourteen dollars to sit through another poor performance. The Flames ended their eight-game pay-per-view season winless, with three overtime losses and the five in regulation; more importantly, the Great Blogger Meet-up losing streak continued.

The best part of the game was probably watching Charlie Simmer's hair lob soft-ball questions to Darryl Sutter during a second intermission interview. Or, if you were at Flames Central, observing the guy by the stage who was either a Bruins fan or a very sarcastic and miserable Flames fan enjoying two pitchers of beer to himself before noon. Honestly, we barely watched. Giordano crushed some Boston player into the end boards in the Flames zone, which drew a big cheer from our crowd, and Backlund made a nice play to keep the puck in at the Bruins' blueline. He was one of, if not the best Flames player out there and earned himself a promotion, if you can still call it that, to Iginla's line after Brent shuffled his lines, but still saw fairly easy minutes, reflected by his +8 Corsi rating.  

It's hard to judge Kipper's performance when three of Boston's five goals were scored on the powerplay, but it's clearly too late to start worrying about the penalty kill and I think it's safe to say it doesn't matter how much Toskala plays from here on out. Iggy was head and shoulders above the rest of the forward corps in terms of ice time, playing 21:09, but other than that it appears Brent rolled all four lines. Regehr and White spent the most time against Boston's top line while Iginla, Conroy, and Bourque also saw the most time out against Chara and the Bruins' best; they were all positive in terms of Corsi, but had nothing to show for it. I think ice time and Corsi are slightly skewed since special teams were such a big part of this game, because Bouwmeester saw about the same amount of ice time as Regehr and White but struggled with easier minutes while Staios somehow managed a positive Corsi, although both were -2. Brent Sutter's favourite line saw some powerplay time when Rene Bourque took an elbow/forearm to the jaw, resulting in a five-minute major, and Bourque made a brief trip to the dressing room before returning to finish the game. Thank goodness he did, because another injury surely would have spelt the end for the Flames (insert text modification to indicate sarcasm here). 

The Flames close out their three-game road trip tomorrow with another early game in Washington. If Boston scored five today, I hate to think what the damage will be in this one. 

 I'll leave you with this:

Still seven games left

Please, end this cruel demise! 

Pack your bags, Sutter(s)

PS: Thanks again to everyone who came out to watch the game and hang out today. It was great to meet you guys and I had an awesome time despite the result.