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Kotalik Trade Reactions

We've been over it a ton 'round these parts, so here's some of the Jokinen/Kotalik reactions from others:

- Blueshirt Banter is glad Kotalik is gone, but is somewhat annoyed Sather made a move for "now" rather than the future.

- Jonathan Willis thinks Jokinen is better than what he showed in Calgary.

- Copper and Blue's Scott Reynolds analysis is pretty much in line with my own:

So how can Kotalik be effective?  Well, he needs to contribute on a "scoring" third line.  This means a healthy dose of offensive zone draws against the non-elite players (though not necessarily the dregs) on the other team.  This is exactly how Kotalik was used in 2007-08 with the Sabres, one of his most successful seasons statistically.

That sounds rosy, but he comes to roughly the same conclusion as I did below - the deal doesn't seem to improve the Flames

- FAN960's Pat Steinberg (now writing for finds it hard to believe this will be Sutter's final move.

- Puck Daddy compares the swap to the shuffling of garbage and still thinks the Flames came out on the short end. Then he gets a (virtual) tongue lashing from Jokinen's wife.

- Timo Seppa of Puck Prospectus likes the move for the Rangers, not so much for Calgary.

Feel free to add any others in the comments.