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Canada vs. Germany Open Thread


Canada vs. Germany

Canada Hockey Place

5:35-ish PM MT


Serious business for the Canadian men's team starts this evening, and to be honest, the apparent weakness of the opposition isn't relevant. What is the relevant part, to my mind at least, is seeing how Mike Babcock decides to arrange his players. We've already heard that Iginla and Crosby will go with Staal, and Rick Nash is set for a night with the two Ducks. I'm also interested in how much more rope he'll give Pronger and Niedermayer. CFP has looked off the pace thus far, and his former team mate has been more elder than statesman, with the first period against the U.S. a particularly bad time for Canada's captain. At least one of them needs to be better, since Canada needs a left D other than Duncan Keith to get a clue by tomorrow evening. 

The other story, of course, is the potential end of Martin Brodeur's international career. Roberto Luongo will start against ze Germans, and unless he stinks the joint out, he'll go however far Team Canada does, and vice-versa, it would seem. If Canada loses tomorrow, the tournament would seem disappointing for the men's squad. A loss tonight would be faintly ridiculous even if Thomas Greiss discovers his inner Hasek, and I'd be completely gob-smacked if any result but a two goal or better win for the home team occurred. 

Game time is 5:40 35 or thereabouts MT on CTV.