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Well folks, some things are changing around these parts. First and foremost, I'll be stepping down as the managing editor of M&G in order to take the same position for Flames Nation. This wasn't a decision I made lightly given the work I've put into getting this community going, but the opportunity wasn't one I could pass up. Of course, I'll continue to chime in here now and then and will be the acting manager while the network looks for someone to fill my shoes. However, the bulk of my work will now appear over at FN, where I hope many of you will stop by to once again tell me how wrong I am. In addition, Robert and others will still be filling the virtual pages 'round these parts in my absence.

My experiences with SBN and with the community here have been overwhelmingly positive. I'm sometimes surprised with the degree to which the conversation and interaction has grown since I went live a year ago. Part of it was the great platform and back-end provided by the SBN overlords, part of it was the great contributions I got from guys like Robert and RO and perhaps the most important factor was the efforts of all the readers and commenters. Thank you all for coming by and making this site at once fun and interesting. It's been a pleasure.

This, of course, isn't a final good-bye. I will be as active as ever for Flames Nation and will endeavor to craft a full and vibrant community there as well. Again, I hope you all choose to drop by now and then.