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Flames Versus Stars Gamethread

This is Calgary's second last game before the Olympic break...and the trade deadline. Start making up your hypothetical deals accordingly (assuming you hold out hope for a last quarter drive for the NW division crown).

The Stars come into town boasting a healthy Mike Ribeiro and three NHL goalies. Like the Flames, they'll be fighting tooth and nail for a play-off spot down the stretch, so things might get pretty nasty tonight.

Stuff to watch for:

- Langkow and Higgins saw a lot of heavy lifting in Tampa Bay and Ottawa. If Butter decides to give them the toughest matchups tonight, we can be certain he's moved towards sheltering Iginla with a "shut-down" type unit. It's just too bad that it has to be the team's "second" scoring unit.

- Steve Ott is apparently not in the line-up tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- I'll probably be out of the house for tonight's contest, so unless someone else takes it upon themselves, there will be no scoring chance count for this one.