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Sutter Steps Down, Jay Feaster Named Flames GM

After an eight-year reign as Flames' Head Coach/General Manager, news broke this afternoon that Darryl Sutter has stepped down from the position, leaving Assistant and former Lightning GM Jay Feaster in charge for the interim. Many Flames fans have been calling for Sutter's firing/resignation for quite some time now, but many also believe that Feaster is not the man to lead the charge after this season and would like to see Darryl replaced with a younger, more progressive hockey mind tuned into the "new NHL," post-lockout.

Sutter's tenure has been marked by both good and bad. The team made the playoffs in five consecutive seasons under his management after nearly a decade of futility, but it will most likely be remembered for his playoff failures and panicked moves (trading Jokinen, bringing in Staios) with his cap heavy, veteran laden team stumbling down the stretch last season, eventually missing the post-season and sparking more intense calls for his disposal. More to come following the team's press conference at 1PM MT.