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Flames/Coyotes Post-Game: We All Re-Cap Tonight!


Scoring Chances


H2H Ice

The Other Side 

 The Calgary Flames failed to build on a strong comeback win against the Colorado Avalanche tonight, falling to the Phoenix Coyotes 5-4. And it wasn't pretty. Nothing involving a Vernon Fiddler hat trick is.

The Flames as a whole weren't particularly terrible, if somewhat perplexing. Bourque and Glencross had a particularly strong outing as we've come to expect, but the Flames we really expect- no- need to be good- were just terrible. Jarome Iginla played under 17:00 of total ice time tonight and managed to be a terrific -4 with no shots on goal and no points. Alex Tanguay, despite scoring a goal, was just as bad. Both earned demotions to the 3rd/4th lines. Both demotions were deserved. Because I missed a bit of the early game due to traffic, I'm going to write this in an interesting way: using comments from the game thread. So here's period one (my comments/clarifications are in italics):


Period 1:

mike_HThe line blender has spit out some pretty crazy combinations. I haven’t done the math, but I’d bet money that’s the oldest first line in the league.

mike_H$4.5 million to center the 4th line between a rookie and a so-called goon. Just stupid. (This comment was made in regards to Stajan's position tonight)
walkinvisiblefirst goal to the flames, hey ? is that a guaranteed loss then ? (Right after Bourque scores, WI makes a prophecy)
walkinvisibleit looks like iggy might’ve found his niche on this team: replacing ivanans (Yeah, Iginla was playing on the 4th line here.)
Period 2: 
Colin SFollowing the regular formula. Early lead, early 2nd period goal against —→ collapse. (Colin S demonstrates a more thorough knowledge of the Flames than than either Darryl or Brent Sutter)

Justin AzevedoYeah, saw that one coming. JBo: don’t pinch if you can’t get your ass back. (A goal against? Yep.)

mike_HFlames are scrambling in every direction. The vets aren’t putting anything on the ice. Kipper is hung out to dry by some crap old defender (a.k.a. Steady Steve). And the coach has no idea what the solution is, so has a hat behind the bench with everyone’s number, and is pulling lines at random. (mike_H breaks the game down perfectly)

Justin AzevedoIggy, dude… you know I’m your biggest fan, but you something. (Theme of the night? Yeppppp.)

Justin AzevedoSTACHE! STACHE! STACHE! STACHE! (Ian White goal? Ian White goal.)
Me: I haven’t heard Iginla’s name once this entire broadcast. Granted, I haven’t been watching THAT long. But still…not even once.

Period 3: 

Me: "Apparently Morris has a word for Hagman" I WANNA KNOW WHAT THE WORD IS. IS IT THE BIRD? (Derek Morris was pushing Niklas Hagman around a bit, the announcers really didn't describe what was happening)
Justin Azevedojokinen should know to put it on net. "the pass was behind glenX" is something you should never hear. (Another recurring element in the game.)
mike_HOkay, I’m going to go the Ship and drink. Tired of watching this suckage, these two teams need some reworking.
Vernon Fiddler got a hatty about here, but none of the comments regarding it are...appropriate.

walkinvisiblehere’s my prediction: when we lose in SJ tomorrow night, we’ll get a new coach next week. walkinvisible makes another prophecy, let's hope she's batting 1.000

walkinvisibleum. this is interesting. but also over. Here the Flames scored the two completely pointless garbage time goals. Nobody bothered hoping for a last minute comeback even.

Stray Thoughts:


  • Don't expect to see this format often. It was mostly just due to the circumstances of my watching (or not watching) as well as the game itself.
  • You know it's a bad game when the entire thread is entertained by you putting animal crackers in a sleeping person's hair.
  • Jarmoe Iginla and Alex Tanguay were a combined -18 in corsi. At least Tangs scored a goal/had a shot on goal.
  • We really have no 1st line anymore. The theoretical first line was just brutal and dissolved early. Iggy spent time on the 4th, with Jackman et al.
  • Vernon Fiddler scored a hat trick. Just chew on that for a moment.
  • Steve Staios was just horrible and was directly responsible for at least 2 goals. And he still looked better than Iginla.
  • David Moss turned into the Moss(n)ster tonight. 8 SOG.
GameThread Highlight:

I’m entertaining myself tonight by putting animal crackers in my sleeping girlfriend’s hair. This game is that bad.

by ArikJames on Nov 12, 2010 7:46 PM PST