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Flames @ Wild Gamethread

With so many consecutive games, I've just about run out of material to talk about. Especially with the team playing as solid as they are. Nothing much to complain about at this point!

One thing that stands out is the fact that Minny has more PPG goals (28 vs 26) but a less efficient power play (16.5 vs 17.8). The cause is the Flames inability to draw penalties this year. Thus far, only the Montreal Canadiens have seen less PP opportunities than Calgary, which is at least part of the reason the Flames shots on goal average is so low. Granted, the team isn't very good at generated shots with the man advantage anyways, but even with the Flames general ineptitude with the man advantage a few extra PP's per game would probably help get the shot and goals for stats up a tad.

Anyways, let's get it on.