Theo Fleury bashes Craig Conroy and more.

Theo Fleury has always been a controversial player, both on and off the ice. Despite positive press and a comeback attempt that ended his career on a positive note this summer, it seems that isn't ever going to change. From today's entry in Fleury's blog (g/t Kent Wilson, of various sites):

Wow, what a year! At this time last year, I was 45 pounds overweight and thinking about making a comeback. HAHAHAHA! Anyway, we put our nose to the grindstone and boy did we make a comeback. At one hundred and eighty pounds, I finished 11th out of 56 guys at camp in the fitness test and scored a historic shootout goal in an exhibition game after being out of hockey for six years. What does that say about the talent level in the NHL? 4 points and a plus 4 rating in four exhibition games and I get cut. What a joke! Craig Conroy goes the first 37 games of the season with zero goals. I wonder how many I would have had. Even with all the stupid people that run the game of hockey, it’s still a great game. Go figure. Anyway, then the book comes out and starts flying off the shelves. The truth will set you free! 100,000 copies and counting. Thank you for all your support.

Confidence is said to be a key factor in success, and it isn't surprising to see that Fleury is still brimming with it. He's certainly entitled to both a sense of accomplishment and belief in his ability.

It's just a shame that he had to take those shots at Conroy and Flames management. Fleury has done wonders rehabilitating his reputation, and that sort of pettiness can only undermine those efforts.

- Jonathan Willis, from Hockey or Die! had that to say about Fleury's diatribe.

And here are some of Theo's predictions for 2010.

  • I say Canada VS Russia Olympic final with Sweden a close third
  • Pittsburgh and San Jose Stanley Cup final. Flames bow out in the first round again
  • Trade Regehr and finally get someone for Iggy to play with
  • The Colts win their second Superbowl
  • Hitmen win the Memorial Cup
  • New York Yankees defend their title
  • Stamps win the Grey Cup
  • Roughnecks win
  • Lakers beat LeBron James and the Cavaliers
  • This is all from his blog

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