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Flames @ Predators Gamethread

These two clubs have exchanged wins this year, although Calgary's last trip to Nashville ended in a 5-0 W and was probably their best overall game all year. Shortly thereafter the club went into a a 4 week slumber and it's only been recently that the Flames have returned to the form that they displayed in Music City back in November.

Stuff to watch for:

- Jason Jaffray has been the best forward in Abbotsford by the numbers and accounts this year and with Conroy's injury he gets rewarded with a recall. The Heat's only all-star will likely be looking to make an impression so as to make his addition to the Flames roster more permanent than it was the first go-around in October.

- What's perhaps more interesting about Jarray's appearance tonight is the fact that Brent Sutter could have simply dressed 13th forward Brian McGrattan instead. That he didn't (and hasn't during the recent winning streak) suggests he may have soured somewhat on the 3-minute/night enforcer. Works for me.

- Chris Burton posted the Preds line combos in the pre-game thread and I find it interesting that JP Dumont is listed with Goc and Jones on the third line. The former Sabre has been a fixture in the Preds top 6 since he arrived, so it makes me wonder what's happened to move him down the roster. Jones and Goc aren't exactly the linemates for an offensive type guy.

Give 'er!