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Flames @ Stars Gamethread - Waiting for Godot

Whether talking about goal scoring or a win, it kinda feels like waiting for something that will never arrive these days. It'll happen at some point (no team is this bad...well, except the Oilers) but until then, watching (or listening to, as it were) the Flames kinda has the feel of sitting through a Beckett play these days. Minus the stultifying pretension, of course.

Stuff to watch for:

- Backlund will apparenlty skate with Nystrom and Gencross this evening. I can only assume Butter is going to give them as many o-zone and neutral zone face-offs as possible. Crawford's eyes are going to light up every single time that trio hits the ice tonight.

- Speaking of Crawford, the Stars are fairly terrible defensively this year. If Calgary is going to score more than 2 against a Western Conference opponent, it could very well be them.

- Brendan Morrow returns to the Stars line-up tonight. Bad news for Calgary. Also - what are the chances that Brian McGrattan "deters" Steve Ott? (hint: rhymes with hero)

- No TV so no scoring chances again tonight. Sorry folks.

Now let's listen to the radio and make potentially ill-fitting observations together...