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Theoren Fleury released

Theoren Fleury's comeback has ended, at least as far as the Calgary Flames are concerned. Fleury was released this morning, with Darryl Sutter noting that the agreement with Fleury was that if he wasn't one of the top six wingers, he'd be out, with no hope of assignment to Abbotsford. It was a nice story while it lasted, but Theo was always going to have a hard time keeping up with the pace over a season, and he really didn't appear to have quite enough left to be a full time NHLer. I had no problem with the move to invite him to camp, because the Flames had nothing to lose by giving him a chance. As well, Theo got to be reinstated, had a chance to see what he had left, and got an opportunity to perform for a fanbase that held him in very high regard. I wish him well, whatever he chooses to do next.