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Flames @ Canucks Gamethread

Phew, Three games in three nights. Good thing it's the preseason or I might be burnt out.

As the rosters start to contract, the competition will start to improve. That means the real test starts for the fringe guys that are still standing: Backlund, Jaffray, Prust, Stralman Kronwall and, of course, Theoren Fleury. It's one thing to keep you head above water against the Florida Panthers hopefuls, but quite another to face complete to semi-complete NHL rosters.

On a related note, apparently Cam Cunning, Kris Chucko and Carsen Germyn were sent down to the AHL recently and were exposed to waivers in the process. I can't imagine anyone being overly interested in any of them, but it would be funny to lose the likes of Chucko to the waiver wire at this point in his career. For what it's worth, I thought Germyn was the best of the older fringe guys last night and part of me hopes he gets a chance elsewhere because he's absolutely buried in this organization.

Other stuff to watch:

- David Shantz has gone from training camp try-out to dark horse NHL back-up. Kudos.

- Tonight will be Freddy Sjostrom's Flames debut. Look for him to play with Lundmark and Sutter.

- Despite being the de facto number one defenseman in QC last year, Brett Palin didn't make a dent in training camp. He's back on the farm.

- Vancouver is icing a quality line-up this evening:

Daniel Sedin - Henrik Sedin - Alexandre Burrows

Michael Grabner - Cody Hodgson - Steve Bernier

Mason Raymond - Kyle Wellwood - Mark Parrish

Tanner Glass - Rick Rypien - Pierre-Cedric Labrie

Hodgson and Grabner are a couple of very good young players looking to make the Canucks full time. Expect to notice them.