Would Sutter Take Tanguay Back?

There are some rumblings that Tanguay may once again don the Flaming C...

...but a good question would be if Sutter would welcome him back?

Sutter was once put on the spot by a friend of mine doing some work in the Saddledome after Tanguay was traded.

"Hi Darryl, why did you get rid of Tangs?" (Imagine a tone of sincere pain through a grimaced face)

The next 10 minutes of his life was taken up by a very open Mr. Sutter, who launched into a dialogue using a old prairie farm as a comparable. Here's an important excerpt:

"Imagine you have a farm on the Alberta prairies, and you have a worker, who lets you know every day that he doesn't want to be there..."

Stunned by his answer, this friend did not respond or question Darryl about his cryptic opinion on his former employee.

Now, this could have been dissatisfication and disappointment eeking through after Sutter spent alot of resources and efforts to land Tangs, or it could be useful insight into Alex's mindframe on  time spend in Calgary.

Because of Keenan? Maybe. But Sutter said this was from the beginning, meaning Playfair as well.

Because of Calgary? Perhaps. There is a deep-seeded dislike of the West, from the Quebec East - not alot of French Canadian stars in Alberta playing hockey these days, or really ever for that matter. (Souray is NOT a star.)

I, for one, would love to see Tanguay back in a Calgary uniform.  He was a very defensively smart player, even if he didn't represent it with grit in the corners.  In fact, I seem to remember Tangs laying the body on some big enemies in a few games when he was with us. His offensive prowress would also be a benefit, and a HUGE bonus if we can fit his number into our salary cap.

That's if Sutter even wants him back.


Edit: Apparently Souray isn't exclusively french-canadian. I still refuse to withdraw the comment, even under the new context.

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