Heater Speaks [Updated: Murray Speaks Back]

Just finished listening to the Heatley conference call....


 And here are the key points:

1. Heatley asked for a trade privately, in May.

2. Heatley doesn't know how the request became public

3. Heatley didn't like his diminished role on the team, and wants a new start.

4. Heatley wants a table of options before making a decision, and that's why he didn't select Edmonton.

5. Heatley 'knows' there's interest out there from other teams.

6. Heatley remained silent until this point because he believed that speaking openly wouldn't help the process.

7. The majority of the Ottawa press loathe him.

Well, a few of these items lend a little credence to my conspiracy theory on the Heatley saga.  Mostly, that Brian Murray is an idiot.

It was believed that he requested a trade in June, and that's when it immediately became public.  Ottawa contested that he was going to the World Championships to decompress and requested a trade afterwards. If we are to believe Dany's timeline, he was to decompress after requesting a trade.

How it became public remains a mystery, apparently, but the timing is interesting.  Until the point where the request became public and Heatley's statement of when he requested a trade, it looks like Murray had done sweet F.A. to honour Dany's request.

A public request was an attempt to force Murray's idle hand.

Listening to the conference was interesting, including listening to some incense Ottawa press.

Don Brennan of the Ottawa Sun precluded his question with "Sorry I haven't returned your calls Dany, it's been a busy summer." Ouch.


Update: Murray has responded with his Presser

Couple of points - 

1. One of the teams Heatley's camp claimed were interested in his services were contacted by Murray, and he said that team was not interested at all, and had no cap room.

2. He said that they were waiting for a letter requesting a trade when the request was 'made public' in June. 

3. Murray said they are still talking with 3-4 teams (2 of whom are serious), but don't have enough coming back to 'protect their franchise'.

4. Murray thought that the public request was to put pressure on him to trade Heatley.

5. Murray thinks that you can not get better trading a player of Dany's quality (which makes me think he was hoping it  would just all go away )

6. Murray wants another deal like Edmonton's. He thinks it was a great offer.

The second point leads me to believe that Murray had knowledge of the trade request for a while before he was 'stunned by the sudden request, broke on TSN'.  Murray  a) didn't take the initial request seriously and/or b) was lying to the media when he said this was the 'first he had heard of it' when the story was broken publically - my guess to garner sympathy.

Murray also paved the way for Heatley's return, and genuinely sounds like there would be no hard feelings - but I get the feeling the dressing room won't be as forgiving.

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