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Flames Sign Lundmark, overstuff bottom 6

According to the Flames website, Calgary has re-signed Jamie Lundmark to a one year, 600k deal. Word is it's a two-way deal, though I haven't confirmed that.

So now the Flames have Jaffray, Lundmark, Van Der Gulik, Greentree, Sjostrom, Nystrom, Prust, Primeau, Murray and (I guess) Kris Chucko vying for a spots at the end of the roster (one of these things is not like the others...). In a way, it makes sense to collect a bunch of hopefuls at the rosters edge with a view to culling the best of the bunch to make the big club. It also means Primeau is more expendable now than before, which is also good news.

This move, assuming it is indeed a two-way deal, accords with my assumption that an organizational goal moving forward is to build a successful and viable farm team in Abbotsford. With the addition of Lundmark, the Heat's top 6 is actually starting to look respectable:

Greentree - Lundmark -Jaffray

Chucko - Backlund - Armstrong


Even if Primeau goes away, the farm has depth enough to lose one or two of these guys and not be hurt too badly

On the issue of Lundmark, I like what he did at the NHL level last year, although admittedly he's always been a player who looks effective in bursts and then fades over the long haul. At 600k, there isn't much risk and he should be able to provide at least replacement level contributions should he make the big club.