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Flames Sign Brian McGrattan

To say I'm disappointed in this signing is probably understating it. The uselessness of a goon has been demonstrated over and over again the last few years, but Sutter refuses to give up his safety blanket.

On top of all that, McGrattan is a terrible, terrible hockey player - one plagued by substance abuse issues. In 148 NHL games, he's managed 2 goals and 10 points. He played all of 5 games in the big league last year owing to his struggles with addiction.

McGrattan's inclusion is waste of precious cap dollars and a roster spot - with the signings of guys like Lundmark, Jaffray, Sjostrom and the return of Prust (as well as the presence of Van Der Gulik and Greentree) the Flames were bursting at the seams with players who could provide value at the bottom end. Now, for a least a few games of the season, the Flames will have a liability for a 4th line. It's not a big issue, but it annoys the hell out of me nonetheless because it's so damn unnecessary.