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09 Draft - Flames Final Tally

Welcome the new Flames prospects:

1.) Tim Erixon - D - 23rd overall

2.) Ryan Howse - LW - 74th overall

3.) Henrik Bjorklund - RW - 111th

4.) Spencer Bennett - LW - 141st overall

5.) Joni Ortio - G - 171st overall

6.) Gaelen Patterson - C - 201st overall

2X SWE, 2X WHL, 1 BCHL, 1 FIN.


20th overall to NJD for 23rd and a rounder, later moved to FLA for the rights to Jay Bouwmeester. The first round was about a missed opportunity as top rated Jordan Schroeder fell within range of the Flames @ 20, only to see Sutter move down slightly in order to get another 3rd rounder. We're years away from knowing how Erixon versus Schroeder will play out, but if Sutter ends up signing Bouwmeester as a result of the extra third rounder acquired from NJ, then it may not be an issue.

Bjorklund is an interesting mid-round choice. A big winger at 6'2", he is apparently signed to play for Farjestad in the Swedish Elite League next season. He garned 21 goals and 35 poitns in 38 games for Skare (SWE - 3) this past season, suggesting some offensive upside. How he fares as a 19 year old in a mens professional league will gives us an idea of his future value I think.

Obviously the big, ongoing story is the acquisition of Jay Bouwmeester. Sutter has already started making cap room by moving Jim Vandermeer to PHX for former Flame Brandon Prust (cap savings = 1.8M). If he ends up signing Bouwmeester for 6M+/year, he'll have to do more fat trimming in order to get the budget under control (Wayne Primeau, at a minimum), with perhaps another big contract moving out of town (Kipper, Phanuef, Jokinen, etc.). More specific speculation can begin if/when Bouwmeester actually inks a deal.