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NHL Mock Draft - Assembling the Flames list

It's a couple days before I make the selection for the Flames in SBN's Mock Draft, so it's probably about time to get the prospect poll up. Hockey Wilderness selected Zach Budish for the Wild today at 13 (surprisingly high in my estimation), so we'll have to scratch him from the list. I'm sure a couple more guys will fall before our turn comes around, but try to vote as honestly as possible without worrying if the player will be around or not. Keep in mind this is a mock draft and not a prediction excercise - so choose the player you'd like the Flames to pick (rather the one you think is most likely). The guy who registers the most votes and is still available will be the player I pick.

I've included all the players I've previewed in this space thus far, but there's probably a dozen other possibilities. Feel free to add a darkhorse in the comments and if he gains some support, I'll put him in the poll and throw up a scouting report on him.