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Scouting the 09 Draft - Peter Holland

Another big guy from the OHL, Peter Holland is ranked 19th amongst NA skaters by NHL Central Scouting and should be within range of the Flames, even if they end up trading down in the first round. The second highest scorer for the Guelph Storm this year, Holland has nice numbers (28g-63pts) and size (6'2", 190 pounds), although some reports claim he plays too much of a "perimeter game".

There's lots to like about Holland's stats: he was the highest scoring player of his age/draft eligibility on his team, with second best totals in goals and points to the older Matt Kennedy. Holland also had the 2nd best plus/minus rating on the club (+10), well ahead of other draftables such as Taylor Beck (+3) and Michael Latta (-10). His PP goal number was respectable at 10, but not so large as to suggest his offensive totals were propped up by lots of PP time (like Kennedy's 18 PPG stat).

Although possessing decent size, most reports I see say Holland doesn't have much of a physical game which is what has likely dropped his draft ranking below, say, Zack Kassian. Sean Keogh doesn't see that as much of a limitation in his review of the player, however:

It is true that Holland so far OHLer has been something of an enigma in the OHL, at times passive, and other times very impressive, but certainly if nothing else inconsistent. While I do not dispute that Holland had a weak second half and can at times play a quiet perimeter game, I also see a lot in his tool box that I like. For one thing his combination of height and skating is noteworthy, and he moves with and without the puck with coordination and ease. I also like his hands, vision, offensive potential and all-round hockey sense. Where some see passive, indifferent play, I also see an intelligent young player who thinks on the ice.

This is from Keogh's "Top 20 OHL Prospects" piece in which he actually ranks Holland 5th overall - ahead of highly touted guys like the aforementioned Kassian or Nazem Kadri.

Guelph coach Jason Brooks also had good things to say about Holland in this Jason Menard story from Hockey's Future:

We put a lot of responsibility on him this year coming back," he said. "First off, I guess I should say that he put a lot of time in this summer getting ready for anything. He worked out extremely hard -- worked on his skating and shooting. He came back this year ready to take on a bigger offensive role and a bigger leadership role. He was a key to our offensive success this year because of his offensive role and his work, and that's what he produced."


"He's very driven and determined. Because of that, it's what we expect out of him," Brooks said. "When he's not like that, that's when we know something's wrong with him. Never ever does he feel too good about himself -- he's always pushing himself to be better.

"His goal is to become a pro. He wants to play in the NHL and he wants to go high in the draft. He's committed to being that guy. Once that next step happens, his next goal is to play in the NHL. He's very tough on himself and he's a very driven kid and I think he'll make that happen."

Why the Flames might pick him

Strong stats and good size make Holland a sensible target for Calgary in the first round. The fact that he was a leader on his team and is apparently driven to improve probably wouldn't hurt his interview either.

Why they might not

Inconsistency and what seems like a passive game at times could work against Holland in Flames scouts eyes. Where Sean Keogh sees "intelligence and over-thinking", others may just see an unwillingness to engage.