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Scouting the 09 Draft - Landon Ferraro

Dean Millard and Guy Flaming have a Flames draft preview post up today. They identify two potential Sutter targets: David Rundblad (already discussed) and Landon Ferraro. Son of former NHLer and TV analyst Ray Ferraro, Landon was the best player on a woeful Red Deer Rebels last season. He led the club in all offensive categories, including goals (37), points (55), PPG (0.81) and power play goals (12). Most notably, he was 17 goals better than the next best goal getter on the squad (Carter Smith with 20). His low assist total is a little worrying, but probably an artifact of his severly lackluster supporting crew.

Michael Remmerde

Good pure scoring skills. Has a hard, accurate shot and can unload it on the move. Can create for himself, but sometimes it seems he doesn't quite click with linemates. Good but not great skater. Good stop-start quickness, okay speed and agility. Likes to play physical, but doesn't have the size to be effective. Smart away from the puck, and a decent PKer...

you have to give him a lot of credit for scoring 37 goals on a bad team. Is going to need to score at the next level to contribute, however. I like his value once the first round gets to about the 20th pick.

Some good things in there, although the size issue will be a chilling one when it comes to the Flames I would guess. It's also hard to evaluate a guys numbers when his team is this bad. Ferraro scored over 20% of his teams total goals for by himself, but also had the worst plus/minus on the club (-23). Sometimes that means the guy gives it back going the other way. And sometimes it means he played a lot and the rest of the team just stunk. 

Why the Flames might pick him:

Skilled, agile and a good scorer. The Flames have had some success with a similar player in Dustin Boyd, so that may make them overlook his relatively lackluster size/strength. In addition, Being a Western Canadian kid from good stock and playing on the Brent Sutter owned Red Deer Rebels are all Sutter check marks.

Why the Flames might not pick him:

Being neither big nor strong hurts a players chance to be chosen in the first round by Calgary. The smallest skater they've taken in round one since Sutter took over was Mikael Backlund @ 6' and 195 pounds.