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Post Mortem Open Thread

Im chewing on a lot of stuff in the aftermath of another first round exit, including the revelatory injury information the team has come out with today. In some ways, it casts a better light on this group of hockey players and the team going forward. And yet, I can't help but feel there were egregious errors made along the way that exacerbated the issues, especially down the stretch.

 I plan to sit down and write a thorough season review at some point in the near future, but I thought an open bitch session would be appropriate at this time.

Here's some questions and issues that have occured to me today:

- Considering the resulting cap issues, the team's results afterwards and the package surrendered, just how big a disaster was the Jokinen trade?

- Why was Phaneuf a league leader in ice time when he was playing through chronic injury?

- Why didn't the few players that were ostensibly healthy in the post season (Moss, Glencross, Boyd, Nystrom, etc) get more ice time?

- What explanation is there for Jarome's step back this season?

- Should the team soldier forward with this same group of coaches? There's evidence on both sides of the equation this season, so it's a fair question.

- Feel free brainstorm or vent in the comments.