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Flames @ Oilers

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Calgary Flames
@ Edmonton Oilers

Friday, Apr 10, 2009, 6:00 PM PDT
Rexall Place

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Death. Taxes. And the Flames stumbling down the stretch. These are some of things one can count on in life.

At least it seems that way. Even since the lock-out, Calgary has made a habit of making their final quarter a relatively terrible one. This year's iteration of the annual trip up is unique, however: not only are the Flames actually in a better position than usual (rather than battling for a play-off spot), but the choke is remarkably...multi-faceted. There's the mediocre goaltending, the baffling impotency of the power-play and, last but certainly not least, the near comical injury/cap situation.

With the NW division on the line versus a castrated opponent, the Flames will likely be playing with the league minimum 16 skaters. News came out yeterday that Warren Peters has been sent down with John Negrin being recalled. Word is, Dion Phaneuf is hurt as well and is questionable for this evening, making the Flames injury list officially ridiculous (Sairch, Regehr, Phaneuf, Giordano, Bourque, Roy, Primeau...). Boyd, Peters, Eriksson (and more) are on the farm because the team can't afford to have them play under the cap. Tonight may be the only NHL game you ever see where one team doesn't have a 4th line dressed. And, yes...that faint noise you hear is circus music.

Ahhhh well. Bright side? The play-offs are a guarantee and at least things are never boring in this town. At least we're not cheering for EDM, right?