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Flames re-acquire Jordan Leopold

Jordan Leopold

Colorado Avalanche



Aug 03, 1980

In my Deadline preview, I wrote this about the Flames and Leopold:

My secret fantasy is that Sutter manages to grab Leopold for a song this Wednesday. Although he's had terrible luck with injuries since leaving town, he's actually managed to stay healthy for the entire season. Calgary has rotated a number of partners through the #2 slot beside Reggie since Leopold left with varying degrees of success. None of them have seemed to compliment Regehr they way Leopold did during his time here, although I may be remembering the pairing through a rosy recollection colored by the 03/04 run to the cup.


While I was hoping for some help up front, I couldn't be happier with this move. I have always been a fan of Leopold and it's great to have him back in the organization, especially with the potential to re-sign (for cheap) next season.

The price the Flames paid isn't too steep: the TSN story says "a draft pick and a prospect" and what I'm hearing is a 2nd rounder (Sutter's favorite draft pick to trade) and Ryan Wilson, who was a undrafted free agent signing by the Flames this past summer and a long shot to ever be an NHLer.

This gives the Flames a pretty full compliment of NHL defensemen now - Regehr, Aucoin, Sarich, Phaneuf, Leopold, Vandermeer, Pardy, Giordano (injured), Eriksson (minors), Nycholat (minors), with Pelech and Palin on the cusp. While I know Sutter loves to have "too many" defensemen heading into the post-season, this could mean Darryl is setting up to move a blueliner for a forward laster today. I guess we'll see what happens...

EDITED to add that James Mirtle says Lawerence Nycholat was included with Wilson and the 2nd rounder (Montreal's from the draft deal last year). Odd that they would want him, but no big loss from a Flames perspective.