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Flames Versus Kings Gamethread

The Flames have played the Kings so often recently it feels like Calgary has moved to the Pacific Division. It also means I have nothing interesting left to say about the LA.

They're pretty good. Even with Kopitar struggling. That's all I got.

From a Flames perspective, some stuff I'll be watching for:

- Frequency of blocked shots. Is only getting a third of their total shots on net a thing the Flames will continue to do?

- Will Jokinen/Bourque continue to look good (assuming Langkow/Iginla see the tough match-ups)?

- Will Boyd continue to see some PP time?

- I also noticed that Sutter has cobbled together a Jokinen-Iginla-Dawes line for immediately after penalty kills, which I think is theoretically sound since most teams have their best players coming off the ice (and/or are tired) at that point. It'll be interesting to see if that continues.

I'll be at the game tonight, so I won't be able to add my snide comments until later on. Feel free to make a bunch in my absence though.