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Flames Versus Canucks Gamethread

The Flames have enjoyed some success against their hated rivals this year, so part of me thinks we're in line for some bitter medicine tonight. The club's performance this past month or so obviously doesn't assuage any of those anxieties.

Stuff to watch for:

- As Bob mentions, Kesler and Raymond have been taking on some tough assignments this year and having been knocking the ball out of the park while doing it. Part of that is Kesler, who is developing into a Selke quality centerman, but Raymond has also taken the sort of step forward we're all waiting Boyd to take at some point. The speedy kid went from a 13th forward to legit top 6 option in the space of a season and it's done wonders for Vancouver's top 6.

- Vancouver is on the second night of a B2B, which is good news.

- Despite what the standings suggest, it looks to me like Vancouver is the cream of the crop in the NW currently. They score more than Calgary, have the 3rd best PP in the league allow fewer shots and generate more shots on net. With Luongo back and healthy, they also have the goaltending. It wouldn't surprise me to see them leading the division by the end of January. And yes it pains me to admit it.

Let's get it on.