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Flames Versus Kings Gamethread

Given we've seen these guys a couple of times already, there isn't much more for I can say about them: the only real change is they've gone 8-1-1 since the teams last met and are amongst the best in the West currently. Some wonder why LA sticks with the mediocre Jonathan Quick in net when they seem to have a solid shot at a play-off run - he answered his critics somewhat recently, but perhaps the real reason is the club expects to hand over the reigns to former first round Jonthan Bernier in the near future. The kid is justifying the love this year, with a .942 SV% in 23 games played. If he continues in that vein, it makes sense not to give up any kind of assets for a stop-gap measure this year, especially because no one expects the Kings to challenge for the cup anyways.

Speaking of goalies, if there's anything worth celebrating in Flamesland right now, it's the work of Miikka Kiprusoff. I'd forgotten what it felt like to have goaltending that allowed a team to potentially win any game, regardless of the way the skaters perform. It's a good feeling.

Commence Regicide.